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Through an agreement with Harvest Bible College in Australia, you can study a Bachelor of Arts (Ministry) through Harvest Bible College. Undertaken throughout the course of Harvest’s degree, DPBC offers students independent value-adding spiritual formation groups which do not contribute to the completion of Harvest’s program at DPBC.

We have already seen many leaders, pastors and Christian ministries complete a Bachelor of Arts (Ministry), a degree that has equipped them for ministry in a variety of contexts.

The Harvest degree takes 3 years in total
After completing the DPBC’s Diploma in Ministry, DPBC students may receive 8 units as transfer of credit into a Harvest Bachelor of Arts (Ministry).  Upon receiving this transfer of credit, The remaining 12 units needed to complete the  Bachelor of Arts (Ministry)  can be taken through online courses via Harvest Bible College. All units taken online via Harvest will be delivered solely by Harvest and DPBC will have no involvement in the formal delivery of the units needed to meet the requirements of the accredited course at Harvest Bible College. For more information about how to enrol in a Harvest Bachelor of Arts (Ministry) program, click here

Harvest’s Bachelor of Arts (Ministry) program has been approved by a number of educational institutions in Scandinavia to receive transfer of credit into these institutions courses, so there are pathways for graduates into a number of graduate programs.

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