Mariager Højskole

MH-udefra3.jpgDanish Pentecostal Bible College (DPBC) has for more than 50 years trained hundreds of Christians and church leaders. The college’s vision remain to be a desire to be a resource center for churches in Denmark.

It started in 1954
The idea of a bible college was born when the school's first superintendent, Harald Rich, on a visit to the United States, noticed dynamics of the church’s youth . The dynamic was an education in the parish and a school for the entire movement.

Shortly afterwards, the Pentecostal church in Denmark decided to start a college. Land with beautiful view over the inlet was donated by the Mariager municipality. On 26th September 1954 was the foundation stone laid.

During construction various documents including a Bible and a songbook was placed within the foundation. The year after the school was complete and was inaugurated on 22 October 1955. Construction costs ran up DKK1.2 million. A national collection from Pentecost churches and a gift from Mariager municipality came to DKK 200,000

On 3rd November the same year began the first term.

Things evolve
In order to get enough students, DPBC also started (in the summer of 1956) a 5-month boarding school. Later we got a good agreement for the exchange of college students with Norway. Today, the school complex is made up of bible college, three boarding schools and a sports and conference center.

A rich heritage
DPBC has for 50 years served Pentecostal churches and now Christian body from a broad spectrum of church life with relevant Bible teaching and managerial training. Thus, most Danish Pentecostal pastors look back at a time when they themselves were students here as the beginning of their spiritual work. But children's workers, youth workers, song leaders and musicians can also thank the college for a push in the right direction. Since the 80s the college has played a vital part in the start of new congregations in Danish cities.

DPBC has a rich heritage, which continues to characterize the school's vision and values.