Mariager Højskole

  "A school filled with motivated students who are trained and sent out.”

We want to motivate people to be wholehearted followers of Jesus and equip them to affect their world through God’s love and power. The motivation must come primarily through prayer, the Bible and the Christian fellowship and the process aims at equality with and love for Jesus.

We want each individual in a caring way to be shaped to conscience and unconscious imprints on the surrounding world in entire dependence on God’s transforming power.

Daily Teaching

We want to increase the understanding of the Bible and the confidentiality with the life and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Weekly Practicum
We want to increase insight and involvement in church and society.

Monthly Coaching
We want to increase healthy identity and confidentiality with the potential God has given people.

We are a college where everyone in a God-centered fellowship experience belonging; a place, characterized by team spirit and servant hood, integrating widely different personalities and nationalities. We do not want anyone being uninvolved, but everyone committing themselves and allowing others to get close to them, so even weakness can become a strength.

We are a college where everyone has ownership. A place of hospitality and quality, where each individual with God’s help takes responsibility for themselves and contributes to the whole and gets encouraged to a willingness to change.

We are a college characterized by inclusiveness and respect, where diversity is considered a strength; a place where authorities and punctuality are respected. Derived from God’s love we will avoid negative discrimination and reckless behavior, but work towards people and belongings being treated with care.

We are a college, characterized by openness, possibility thinking and God’s presence; a place with authenticity and confidentiality, where we dare to build relationships and entrust responsibility. We want to avoid hidden agendas and work to ensure that words and lives are linked.