Mariager Højskole


School of Worship
If you wish to study worship and music you can choose the elective School of Worship (SW).

Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry focuses on teenage and youth work in the local church and the particular Danish society culture. We want the subject to participate in the process, which aims to train and nurture the next generation of leaders and employees who work with teenagers and adolescents.

LifeKeys is focussing on carismatic and contemplative spirituality, the good choices in life, health in planning your everyday life and finances.

The elective Media will in theory and practice train people who burn to use modern media to spread the gospel, want to learn how to use the Internet as a mission field and to learn journalistic principles of communication.

Let's chenge the world. These are huge words, but in the elective #SocialMission are we working on that God's love will transform people. Would you like to take part?

This elective focuses on spiritual, social and mental healthiness, to create appreciative relations in our lives; personal well-being, work and life satisfaction. Is it something for you? Hope to see you.