Mariager Højskole


The time at the Danish Pentecostal Bible College has been the best part of my life so far, because in this place I came to know who I am and my own value. This would not be possible, if I didn’t have teachers and coaches from the college. When I came I was a small and insecure 19 year-old boy, who didn’t know what he was doing and what the purpose was with me being there.

But after spending one and half year in the Bible College, I have developed more independency and have broadened my perspective of the world. The teaching and the activities taught me much, shaped me and drew me closer to God, which helped me to realize the importance of my role in the kingdom of God.

Today I am back in India working in an organization, which is helping poor and starving children, to be a blessing for them and provide them the basic things they need for their life. Finally, I am so blessed to have friends all around the world from the college who are not only my friends, but also my second family. This bible college has a special place in my heart.